the Fearless Child 1:11 AM

i dun have time and tools enuf to manage my blog, so this is wat i can do meanwhile:

Bleach 368: The Fearless Child

like always, while i have no idea to write, Bleach updates will be my favourite. hehe.

2. i will be off to Kelantan tomoro wit my mum. she wants to shopping for this raya/ aidilfitri (its about more than a month from now). well since there are nobody wants to accompany her, i will be the one who should. hmm....

3. but meanwhile, i always have problem with my health. i keep having flu, cough, etc (thank god its not H1N1). so i worry that i cannot make it for my mum. i already have plan to hide it if i really not to well, but i'm afraid she will notice it. a mother u know....she always know my condition no matter how hard i try to hide it.

so the conclusion is: I WILL BE STRONG FOR MY MOTHER!...for her sake..uhuk2...


JonyBr said...

Hope u feel better and than u can enjoy loads of shopping :)

babyComebaCk143 said...

enjoy+damn tired..
i even promise myself not to go there anymore...

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