Leavin on a jet plane~ 11:16 PM

hik hik...I cant say that I am with the song's mood. Actually I quite happy since I will starting my new year wit a new life, new environment, along wit new hopes, dreamz, etc. Everything will be so new that I cannot imagine how nervous I am wit all of this changes.

I will leave Setapak, my frens, and all the goodness of being a student of KLMU and resident of Apartment Dahlia by this week. (InsyaAllah).

Along wit my dearest one, I hope to succeed my career life and now we have a target to meet. We will get ready for our next step and all steps after that. I want to stay tough and I'm pretty sure I will achieve what we have target for. (InsyaAllah)

Again, I juz love my life so much. All the obstacles, miracles happen in beautiful way. Thank Allah. I always do. Alhamdulillah...

.::Life is too Beautiful to trap in Craps::.