Leavin on a jet plane~ 11:16 PM

hik hik...I cant say that I am with the song's mood. Actually I quite happy since I will starting my new year wit a new life, new environment, along wit new hopes, dreamz, etc. Everything will be so new that I cannot imagine how nervous I am wit all of this changes.

I will leave Setapak, my frens, and all the goodness of being a student of KLMU and resident of Apartment Dahlia by this week. (InsyaAllah).

Along wit my dearest one, I hope to succeed my career life and now we have a target to meet. We will get ready for our next step and all steps after that. I want to stay tough and I'm pretty sure I will achieve what we have target for. (InsyaAllah)

Again, I juz love my life so much. All the obstacles, miracles happen in beautiful way. Thank Allah. I always do. Alhamdulillah...

.::Life is too Beautiful to trap in Craps::.

4 in da morning- da remix 1:51 AM

she look so hungry at 4 a.m- sahur pya pasal. hehe

we r at some rare place (i dun want to expose much) after have to run-away at dat nite. something terrible happen and we have to leave home after midnite

sory ati, have to expose u. dun have idea lately. heh!

da pic dat i promise 5:17 AM

akak jual kain

mak to pick souvenir

inside pasar Siti Khadijah, Kota Bharu

front of main palace

dataran Kota Bharu

lunch time wit family angkatku

homestay hall

front of kubah As-Sakharah, Palestine

my beloved mum

unique mosque

crystal mosque

crystal mosque entrance

Taman Tamadun Islam's monument park are the world first theme park that acknowledge Islamic architecture. The monument park is a showcase of Islamic Civilization in the form of architectural wonder. There are 21 scaled replicas of historic Islamic monuments from 20 country located on the Monument Park. The main attraction in the monument park are National Mosque (Malaysia), Dome of The Rock (Palestine), Masjidil Haram (Arab Saudi), Al-Hambra Citadel (Spain) and Taj Mahal (India).

There are also others replica such as Kalyan Minaret (Uzbekistan), Samarra Mosque(Iraq), Mohd Ali Mosque (Egypt), Qairawan Mosque (Tunisia), Allepo Citadel (Syria) and Kul Syarif Mosque (Russia).

  • National Mosque, Malaysia
  • Kudus Minar, Indonesia
  • Pattani, Thailand
  • Sultan Omar Ali Saifudin Mosque, Brunei
  • Taj Mahal, India
  • Badshahi, Paksitan
  • Kubbah As-Sakharah, Palestine
  • Samarra, Iraq
  • Sheikh Lutfallah, Iran
  • Abu Nasr, Afghanistan
  • Al-Haram, Mecca
  • Aleppo Citadel, Syiria
  • Mohd Ali, Egypt
  • Prophet, Medina
  • Suleyman, Turkey
  • Qairawan, Tunisia
  • Al-Hambra, Spain
  • Kalyan Minaret, Uzbekistan
  • Agadez, Niger
  • Kul Sharif, Russia
  • Xian, China

Confession of a Shopaholic 10:26 PM

As to continue the last post, I’ve done my shopping at Kelantan and Terengganu within last weekend. I was so damn tired. Not enuf sleep+keep walking all day long+enormous plastic of shopping to carried. I even still feel the effect until now. Hehe

I was traveling from KL-Ipoh at the Friday noon and arrived at 4 p.m. then the journey continues on 10 p.m from Ipoh-Rantau Panjang (Kelantan) and I arrived on 6 a.m on next morning of Saturday. After solat Subuh and breakfast, we started to shopped from on to another shops there. Because of it’s a border of Malaysia-Thailand (Golok), the price is quite cheap and my mum keeps taking almost everything from the shops, without me of controlling her.

Then we off to Kota Bharu, Kelantan on 12 p.m. at KB, I’ve started to control her money flow because she already spent almost RM400 at Rantau Panjang and now she planned to buy material to be made as baju kurung for our raya. As I can see there, 1 material almost achieve RM 200-400 and she wants to spent at least 1K there.

By end of journey, I go to Kuala Terengganu (Terengganu), Taman Tamadun Islam (Terengganu), and Bukit Bunga (Kelantan) and spent almost 3K by that weekend. I dunno if I wasn’t there, how many she will spent there. Its unpredictable.

I only arrived Ipoh on 1 a.m. on Monday and must taking train to KL Sentral on 9 a.m. I think that I can make it at least Mr. Atif class on the Monday afternoon but when I arrived KL on 1p.m., I was so tired and sleepy. So I skipped the class. So sorry sir….hehe

oh, ya. i will enter the pics later. huhu. i'm not uploading it to pc yet

the Fearless Child 1:11 AM

i dun have time and tools enuf to manage my blog, so this is wat i can do meanwhile:

Bleach 368: The Fearless Child

like always, while i have no idea to write, Bleach updates will be my favourite. hehe.

2. i will be off to Kelantan tomoro wit my mum. she wants to shopping for this raya/ aidilfitri (its about more than a month from now). well since there are nobody wants to accompany her, i will be the one who should. hmm....

3. but meanwhile, i always have problem with my health. i keep having flu, cough, etc (thank god its not H1N1). so i worry that i cannot make it for my mum. i already have plan to hide it if i really not to well, but i'm afraid she will notice it. a mother u know....she always know my condition no matter how hard i try to hide it.

so the conclusion is: I WILL BE STRONG FOR MY MOTHER!...for her sake..uhuk2...

i dun need a man~~at least for now 12:03 AM

I see you looking at me
Like I got something for you
And the way that you stare
Don't you dare
'Cause I'm not about to
Just give it on up to you
'Cause there are some things I won't do
And I'm not afraid to tell you
I don't ever want to leave you confused

The more you try
The less I bite
And I don't have to think it through
You know if I'm into you

I don't need a man to make it happen
I get off being free
I don't need a man to make me feel good
I get up do my thing
I don't need a ring around my finger
To make me feel complete
So let me break it down
I can get off when you ain't around

You know I got my own life
And I bought everything that's in it
So if you want to be with me
It ain't all about the bling you bringing
I want a love that's for real
And without that then no deal
And baby I don't need a hand
If it only wants to grab one thing

The more you try
The less I bite
And I don't have to think it through
You know if I'm feeling you

-the end- 10:48 PM

dear you,

i dont want to stay another minute
i dont want you to say a single word
there is no other way
i get the final say
because i dont want to do this any longer
i dont want you
there's nothing left to say

i'm sorry for the way i let go
of everything i wanted when you came along
i know next to you is not where i belong
and its a little late for explanations
there isnt anything that you can do

364-Grinning Revengers 12:10 AM

I luv Aizen-sama..eventhough he is a bad guy. afterall, maybe i just luv bad guy...hehe

exam for this semester 1:31 AM


tomoro i will have SAD (system analysis and design) paper...
takot lorr...
i even dreamt about one of my lecturer...not good, not good
it cant be a good sign..or...is it coz i'm too nervous about my exam?
hehe..cam tak caye je leh nervous for exam


superchunky from Hell 10:34 PM

well, i dun know what to post for a while. guess, i dun have idea. so, this is manga dat i view recently. Bleach 363- Superchunky From Hell


Actually, i already recovered from the heart broken. yes, the incident is about few days ago (15th June 2009) but somehow, i got strength from my faith towards Allah+ my mother and my lil sister+my surroundings (frens, lecturer). its good rite?? i mean, i didnt expect to gain a calm life this soon. i expect that i will grieving for quite sometimes (at least a week). because last time i got a heart break, i spend 3 weeks of non-stop crying-everywhere. in my office, on my way home, of coz in toilet too. i take 2 years to fully recovered (to forget and open my heart to next relationship). compared to when the first time i've got a heart broken with FIRDAUS...this time is nothing...seriously. so i guess i'm not missing anything. i still got all the love i needed.

on the day he's dumping me, I chant Yasiin to relieved my heart. yes, i cried with it. on every end of "...mubiin.." (there are 7 of them in Yasiin), i ask Allah to make it easy for me to go through this heart broken period, make it easy for me to forget about him, make me not to hate him and make me not to think about him much. dats my mom's suggestion to me if i have any difficulties.

i even called my mother to told her the incident. hehe..but she blamed me actually. she said I was never serious in relationship. even i denied it, then i think, maybe my mother's rite. (actually i'm afraid to get serious, dat the impact will be hard if something like this happen). then i ask her to passed the phone to my lil sister who knew every single updates of my relationship (present and previous). we were really close. i also told her the same things i said to my mom. and she also said the exact word as my mother " i was never serious in relationship". haha..i'm sure she doesnt listen to my mother when she (my mom) said that before. so i have to admit the quote. haha...alamak...

so then, i guess the one that i really need is my mom. the conclusion is from THE ONE lyric: Shakira.

You're the one I need
The way back home is always long
But if you're close to me I'm holding on
You're the one I need
My real life has just begun
Cause there's nothing like your smile made of sun

In the world full of strangers
You're the one I know..

only a mother knew how to ease a heart broken..

I'M NOT MISSING YOU-the lyric 3:35 AM

::.this lyric fits me too well rite now.::

Oh, Oh
Im not missing you
Been through just about everything that I could go through
When it comes to relationships
Dont know what I was missing or why I aint listen
When I told myself that was it
Now here I go, hurt again
Cause of my curiousity
Now that its over
What else could it be he just had to cheat

I made a promise never to settle
Why didnt I keep it?
Cause I hated the heartbreak
Crying and cheating, the fooling around

(But) Im not missing you
Im not going through the motions
Waiting and hoping you call me
Im not missing you
You might have had me open
But I must be going because
I got life to do
I know Im usually hanging on
I used to hate to see you gone
But this time its different
I dont even feel the distance
Im not missing
Im not missing you

Its a shame in a way cause
I feel that I may not ever find the right one for me
Did I leave him, if he right in front of my face oh
Will my true love ever be?
Why would I go on a search again
When I know what the end will be
What good is love when it keeps on hurting me?

I made a promise never to settle
Why didnt I keep it?
Cause I hated the heartbreak
Crying and cheating, the fooling around

[Chorus x2]

No I cant be with you
Cause I'm scared felt like I was falling when you left me
I cant keep going through life
Unaware of what I missed
And the person I could be
Love's good when its right
And when it's left in your memory
All the times I let you down
I guess love will be nice for someone elses life


Im not going through the motions
Waiting and hoping you call me
You might have had me open
But I must be going because
I know Im usually hanging on
I used to hate to see you gone
Oh different, feel the distance
Im not missing
Im not missing you

comment moderation 12:39 AM

sorry guys..i already change da settings on my comment column. so now you can leave ur comment like always...

n PLEASEEEEEE....leave me ur comment...i beg uuu...huhu

p.s.:dats y no comments for me recently..huhu

BAD DAY 11:45 PM

this day is da worst??? no ...not yet...there will be worst than this day..trust me.

tapi arini betul la menguji kesabaran aku ketahap..mmm..almost maximum..i guess.
firstly, kne tipu dengan TV3, kate ktorang kne shooting commercial coke, sudahnye sampai ke malam kne tahan tuk rancangan ewah2. penat xyah citer laa..da la buang mase banyak kt citu, aku rase baik aku dok umah, tdo, wat asgmnt yg tgh melambak tuh!

second, he really DUMPING me...haha..on his birthday!! wat a joke!
and da reason, he's got other girl which he met before me. (then why's he dating me?????) and just now, with all appologize he could ask, he wants me to take care of myself.. of coz i will, silly! do u think dat i will suddenly die after u break-up wit me?? hell NO!

and third (which i hope last for da day).. i met da copycat of FIRDAUS at ewah2 shooting... ahahahahaha...on da day dat my bf dumped me, i met d other copy of my ex-bf......really... this is HILARIOUS..plus, he keep sitting beside me while the shoots. siap berlaga bahu lagi even i already gave him so much space to sit.

so da result..my hand keep shakin few times for this day(mcm parkinson..hehe), my head keep spinning around, and i can't focus on what should be on my mind next..

well...i hope next chapter will be, HOW TO CURE A BROKEN HEART


I think he left me…already. It’s not final yet but..(sighhh…(-_-;)). I just dunno wat to do. Even its not dat I never felt it, but I really dun want to go through it all over again.. its HURT!!! Why he’s doin this to me??

If I were a boy even just for a day
I'd roll out of bed in the morning
And throw on what I wanted
And go drink beer with the guys

And chase after girls
I'd kick it with who I wanted
And I'd never get confronted for it
'Cause they stick up for me

If I were a boy
I think I could understand
How it feels to love a girl
I swear I'd be a better man

I'd listen to her
'Cause I know how it hurts
When you lose the one you wanted
'Cause he's taking you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed

If I were a boy
I would turn off my phone
Tell everyone it's broken
So they'd think that I was sleeping alone

I'd put myself first
And make the rules as I go
'Cause I know that she'd be faithful
Waiting for me to come home, to come home

If I were a boy
I think I could understand
How it feels to love a girl

I swear I'd be a better man

I'd listen to her
'Cause I know how it huts
When you lose the one you wanted
'Cause he's taking you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed

It's a little too late for you to come back
Say it's just a mistake
Think I'd forgive you like that
If you thought I would wait for you
You thought wrong

But you're just a boy
You don't understand

And you don't understand, oh
How it feels to love a girl
Someday you wish you were a better man
You don't listen to her
You don't care how it hurts
Until you lose the one you wanted
'Cause you're taking her for granted
And everything you had got destroyed

But you're just a boy

the ocean breeze 12:20 PM